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Healthy eyesight is essential for maintaining a good quality of life. We aim to help you achieve optimal vision health through comprehensive eye exams.

Our comprehensive eye exams are administered by highly trained and experienced optometrists who use the latest optical technology and techniques to determine your visual acuity and overall eye health.

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During your exam, you can expect an optometrist to examine your vision and assess your eye's ability to focus, track, and work together. They’ll also take a closer look at the inside of your eye to check for signs of eye diseases, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration.

Additionally, our comprehensive eye exams include an in-depth assessment of how clearly you can see without glasses or contacts to determine how much vision correction you need. Our optometrists use top-of-the-line equipment to pinpoint your exact prescription, ensuring that you have clear and comfortable vision.

Whether you need glasses or contact lenses, our team of experienced optometrists can help you find the perfect solution for your specific vision needs. We have a variety of stylish eyeglass frames and contact lenses on offer, including the latest in digital lens technology and advanced materials that provide superior comfort and clarity.

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Even if you currently have 20/20 vision or don’t have any noticeable eye problems, conditions, or diseases, we recommend that you schedule an eye exam annually to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and functional. This is also a good way to keep an eye on your overall health, as some diseases manifest in the eyes before harming the body.

At Vision Source Signature Eyecare, we’re dedicated to giving our patients the highest level of eye care. Don’t wait until you experience vision problems to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.

Be proactive about your vision health and schedule your comprehensive eye exam.

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Eye Care for Everyone

The AOA recommends an annual eye exam for any patient who wears eyeglasses or contacts. If you don't normally need vision correction, you still need an eye exam every year. Doctors often recommend more frequent eye examinations or dilated eye exams for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders, because many diseases can have an impact on vision and eye health. Having regular diabetic eye exams is crucial for any patient who's been diagnosed with or is at risk of developing Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Since the risk of eye disease continues to increase with advancing age, everyone over the age of 60 should be examined annually.

If you are over 40, it’s a good idea to have your eyes examined every one to two years to check for common age-related eye problems such as presbyopia, cataracts and macular degeneration. We use cutting-edge technology for the most accurate and efficient diagnosis possible.

Contact Lens Eye Exam

If you wear contact lenses or are interested in wearing them, visit us for a contact lens exam. During a contact lens exam, your optometrist will determine your exact lens prescription and take certain measurements of the surface of your eye. With the results of these tests, we'll be able to provide you with the best-fitting contact lenses for your eyes and lifestyle. During your contact lens exam, your eye doctor will instruct you on proper wear and care instructions and show you how to insert and remove your lenses comfortably.

Contact our eye care clinic to schedule an eye exam near you, today.

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