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Tips For Pediatric Eye Exams

We see children 6 months and up, follow these tips to make your visit with your little one quick and easy!

Tips for a successful eye exam with the kids:

  1. Come at a good time of day, for example after a nap and a meal.
  2. Fill out forms ahead of time to reduce wait times
  3. Bring a snack and a favorite toy
  4. Prepare for the eye exam by reading stories together about eye exams or glasses, talking about what to expect and playing eye doctor at home with toys
  5. The doctor may need to put in some eye drops to get an accurate prescription and evaluate the complete health of the eye, this can be stressful for some children and it can help to have a snack or reward available for after the drops are put in
  6. Plan to be at the office for an hour, sometimes this is longer depending on the complexity of the prescription.
  7. Be positive and upbeat! Children pick up on your energy!